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    Quote Originally Posted by snowbot View Post
    I bought some cord from REI and cut it to useful lengths to thread my zipper pulls the way Lani describes. I think that my cord is a bit thicker than the Tom Bihn cord, so getting the end caps on was a bear!
    One trick to make it easier to get the cord to fit into the pincers end... I used to try to push the ends up into the pincer, which is a real hassle. What I do instead is... you thread the two ends of the cord through the plastic skirt (you know the part, right? That looks upside down with the wide end up). Then you grasp the cord ends to make sure you've pulled them taut, and you straddle the two ends of the cord on either side of the pinchers, and aligned so that when the cord ends fit into the pincer, the ends of fit inside the pincer and don't stick out.

    Then, slowly press the sides of the cord ends inward into the pincers. If the cord is thicker than the pincer, you won't be able to get it all the way in--that's OK.

    Now with the cord ends snuggly straddling the pincer, carefully tug at the cord from the looped end. Don't pull too fast; just tug at it slowly and evenly with one hand, while with the other, you make sure the cord ends stay smooshed into the pincer. Depending on the thickness of the cord, you will feel some resistance as the cord ends start to get pulled into the skirt with the pincer. Just keep at it, and at some point, you may need to periodically push in any cord that tries to push itself out of the pincer. But you should be able to pull the cord through, and the skirt will automatically act as an aligner to keep the cord ends in place.

    Let the pulling motion and the skirt rail the cord ends in place for you so you aren't having to fight it.

    See if that works.
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    Tonight, I installed cord pulls on my new Aeronaut. I like the way the cord pulls are done on the photos attached by @dmauder quoted by @moriond in post #5 of this thread.

    I assembled the cord pulls first, in the way @Lani descibed. Then I looped the cord through the hole at the bottom of the zipper pull. Bring it to the top hole, slip it over the top of the tab. May need to tug gently to get it through. Voila! Cord pull is installed, just as I like it. The plastic tab of the cord pull just skims over the top end of the metal zipper pull. No extra cord to get caught on anything.

    The tags come off the Aeronaut tomorrow. Taking her on her first trip during the memorial weekend.
    Attached Images Attached Images Stop the zipper pulls from jingling on my Aeronaut-2012-05-20-23-02-38-jpg  Stop the zipper pulls from jingling on my Aeronaut-2012-05-20-23-01-55-jpg 
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    Wow...the navy color really is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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    I use nite Ize 3" Gear Ties (Gear Tie | Nite Ize)
    They are secure and quiet and east to use
    I was using Nite Ize S-Biners (S-Biner - Stainless Steel | Nite Ize)
    They were okay but wore the paint off the zippers and sometimes fell off
    I ride a motorcycle and don't want my pack to open up.
    Just a suggestion.Stop the zipper pulls from jingling on my Aeronaut-img_1876-jpg

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    After thinking about it for a day, I decided to cut off the metal tabs on my new Brain Bag and replace them with the cord pulls. Now that it is done, I am extremely pleased! It looks great and now I can be super stealthy.

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