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    which bag for ipad + large notebook

    I'm looking for a bag which will carry my ipad, along with a large (9x13x1, A4 size, more or less) notebook. Will either the Ristretto or the Cadet fit the book?

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    The Co-Pilot will fit an iPad in a sleeve and some 8.5 x 11.5 file folders, which is what I think are A4 sized. But just barely! So you might not want such a tight fit if your notebook is really thick. I can't answer regarding the other two, but I would think the Cadet would, as it's kind of a bigger version of the Co-Pilot.

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    I don't think A4 notebooks would fit well in the Co-Pilot. I use my 8.5x11" notebook (one of the regular art-student Canson black inch thick ones) and it fits well, but anything longer than 11" will make it tough to pull in and out.
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    To carry a notebook of that size, you'd need a 15" Cadet. The Large Café Bag might work--maybe someone here uses one for this purpose.

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    I think Badger is on the right track. Any bag big enough to accommodate your notebook isn't gong to be iPad Specifc due to the despartity in size between the two. LCB with iPad cache, or 15 Cadet with iPad cache are going to be the slimmest choices. The LCB will be lighter, and more flexible for other uses over time.
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    I carry an ipad (in a folio style case) and an a4 notepad in my ipad ristretto. Plus wallet, water bottle and a couple small organiser pouches.
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    The Large Cafe bag will work, I've used it to carry my iPad (in a sleeve) and a large notebook, and some files. The Co-Pilot will be a wee bit too tight I fear. The Ristretto for iPad won't cut it either one of the reasons I never use mine anymore). If you had a larger Ristretto that might work though.

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