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    What are the chances of a larger Synapse coming out?

    After much searching and reading I finally settled on getting a Synapse. When it arrived I immediately opened the package and marveled at the design and craftsmanship of the bag. It has everything I want in a backpack: lightweight, stylish, great organization, its put together like no other bag I've seen, and it's made in the USA. It is *almost* the perfect backpack. The problem for me is that it is too small. I'd like to see the same bag made only slightly larger, say 18x13 or so. Is there any chance of this happening? I'm on the hunt again for the perfect backback for me and if this Synapse Grande is coming out it would end my search for *the* bag. TIA

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    An upsized Synapse was on my 2011 wish list (I have no idea where in the thread I mentioned it)--I wanted one that was large enough to hold a 15" MBP with no stretching or weird rectangular protrusions. I just sort of doubt that TB as a company has the resources to make multiple versions of each of their bags (i.e., upsized Co-Pilots, downsized Aeronauts, etc.) unless there's a particular utility that justifies it; for example, a Ristretto sized for an iPad vs. a laptop. I really wanted to see a bigger Synapse, so I feel you on this one.

    One thing I have noticed is that the longer I use TB products, the more I curate and think about what I carry. I'm not trying to suggest you don't know how big of a bag you need, but perhaps owning a Synapse, just as it is, might recalibrate your notion of big enough (I know that's what happened to me with my Co-Pilot).

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