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    which bag to use as a camera bag/laptop bag

    I am looking for somethign to use as a camera bag and as a laptop bag.
    When I travel I ussually take my canon 7d, 17-55, 28-105, flash, a few cards, few filters, extra battery, shutter release and gorilla pod. (I don't ussually take my tripod on most trips but this could change)
    I am getting a macair for travel as well.

    I need a bag that will hold all this plus a small bag with cords, chargers and other small stuff.

    I have a camera shoulder bag I currently use and I find it just too tight to fit everything when I am taking the flash.
    So I was wondering if anyone had suggestions?

    I also travel with my tristar and I very rarely check any bags.

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    Thumbs up Smart Alec

    I used a Ruk's Sac for quite a while as a camera bag and general day bag for trips. I was able to keep jackets, etc in it during our trips. And it fit under the airplane seats.

    I recently acquired a Smart Alec as a replacement. On our last trip I needed more space for things.

    I like the fact that the Smart Alec has the one big comparment that will swallow quite a bit of "stuff". In additon it has the hooks for a brain cell. I don't need it yet, since my netbook is carried in a cache.

    And there are plenty of TB organizers to keep things in.

    However, once I get my tablet (probably ASUS transformer), I'll use the current brain cell I have.

    I wish I could provide pictures,but my actual setup is in a state of flux until I find the right "sweet spot".

    Bottom line is: the big main compartment allows you to design a camera bag to fit your needs.

    And if you don't fill it up, it will squeeze down to a smaller size.

    Or you can stuff it to the gills.

    Good choices for me.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    I agree with BPritchard: the Smart Alec is a great laptop/camera bag. Edited with an update: the first size of Camera Insert won't fit the Smart Alec, but it will fit the Brain Bag perfectly.
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