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    Synapse + 15" Macbook pro?

    Hi all -- I'm being issued a new laptop at work, and I'm trying to choose between the 13" and 15" Macbook pros.

    My main concern here is whether the 15" will fit reasonably into the Synapse.*

    I've seen Seņor Maverick's video showing the older 13 and 15 in a synapse, but I'm curious whether anyone is actually carrying a 15" in their synapse on a regular basis. How well does it fit? Is there any more room in the main compartment, or is it pretty much laptop, Cache, and nothing else?

    Thanks in advance!

    * This is one of the canonical "are you a Tom Bihn addict" questions: Do you choose your computer by what will fit into your bag, instead of the other way around?

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    hi davadam!

    the 13" macbook pro is a much better fit in the synapse. in my humble opinion, the 15" unibody macbook pro is too big to be carried in the synapse. if you do go the 15" route, you may want to look at the buzz sling backpack.

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    Thanks, Maverick, that's kinda what I expected. Apparently there's a limit to the Synapse's magic :-)

    I actually prefer a smaller bag because it limits what I can carry, so this is really just my conscience forcing me to choose the smaller laptop.

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