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    Water bottle storage on the Brain Bag?

    I've been using an Empire Builder since this summer with great success! However due to all the walking that I do, I'm thinking that I might add a Brain Bag to my modest Tom Bihn collection.

    My question is can the lash straps on the back of the Brain Bag be used to hold a fairly large water bottle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    My question is can the lash straps on the back of the Brain Bag be used to hold a fairly large water bottle?
    I actually tested this out yesterday on a new Brain Bag with a 1-liter Sigg bottle.

    You can use the straps to hold a water bottle - if the bottle is tall enough. The top of the Sigg is just to the level of the upper straps so you'd be cinching it to the narrow cap. When the bag is moving around I could see the bottle possibly sliding out so I plan on attaching it with a carabiner. With that setup it wouldn't bounce around or fall out.

    On thing I didn't realize about the brain bag is that the lower strap has a second strap attached which runs from the strap to the bag. This creates a floor so the water bottle isn't just being held by the lower strap, it is supported on three sides.

    Hope that helps.

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    Water bottle on Brain Bag

    I routinely carry a Sigg bottle in the lashing straps on my Brain Bag. I use a carabiner on the top strap and attach the carabiner to the Sigg loop-top cap. In this manner I can carry a 1.0 L bottle or a 0.6 L bottle. I would not trust the bottle to stay put without the carabiner, though.

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