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    Question gym and work bag

    does anyone have any suggestions for a gym and work bag? i have a aeronaut (which is too big) and a ristretto (clearly too small).

    i need to be able to carry
    (1) macbook pro 13"
    (2) running shoes
    (3) gym clothes / swimming gear
    (4) toiletries
    (5) occasional random documents

    i thought about getting a smart alec but i don't think my laptop and the shoes will fit in the compartment (and i'd prefer that my shoes not be dangling outside particularly since i need to take the bag to work). i'd be using this as a daily bag.

    any suggestions are totally appreciated!


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    hi jim,

    welcome to the forum!

    my first thought, as i read your post, was to recommend the smart alec!

    but since you mentioned that you'd like to carry your shoes inside of the bag rather than outside, another option would be the brain bag. you could use one of the two main compartments for your running shoes, gym clothes, and toiletries, and the other main compartment for your macbook pro inside of either the brain cell or cache, as well as for your documents.

    darcy has also mentioned that we may see a tom bihn gym bag next year.

    let me know if you have any additional questions.

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    546 big are these shoes? I was thinking Smart Alec as well, or (Super) Ego... again depending on what size these shoes are!

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