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    Tri-Star: Thank you Tom Bihn!

    I ordered my Steel and Solar Tri-Star last week, expecting that it would not be shipping until late August/Early September.

    Imagine my surprise when it arrived this week! Just in time for my trip tomorrow.

    I was curious if my much-loved Eagle Creek 18" Pack-It Folder would fit in the Tri-Star. It fits in the back (main) compartment perfectly! Turns out it is almost the exact same size as a large packing cube.

    After a few trips I will write a review to join the others, complete with photos of my Eagle Creek in the compartment and my modified bundle wrapping.

    Thank you Tom Bihn!!
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    You answered a question I was just about to ask

    I have been dithering for months now, first between the Aeronaut and the Western Flyer; and now between the Aeronaut, Tri-Star, and the WF. I'm leaning toward the Tri-Star because I like the extra protection that middle pocket would give my Unibody Macbook. I am a bit paranoid about this ever since my late and much-lamented 12-inch Powerbook G4 suffered a damaged logic board when it slid out of my grip a mere twelve inches onto a carpeted floor at the Richmond airport. And it was in a laptop bag (non-Bihn, sadly) with a padded compartment that was supposed to protect it. Sigh. So now my Macbook has a Brain Cell.

    Anyway, one of the questions I had just today was, "Will my favorite 18-inch Eagle Creek packing folder fit inside any of these bags?" So thanks for mentioning that it does fit inside the Tri-Star. One more reason I may have to get on the waiting list for the Indigo/Solar. I love that color; just received an Indigo Swift two weeks ago, and I can't stop staring at it.

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    Thanks, mruseless - that's very useful information. Can't wait to read your review and see your pictures!
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