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Thread: softcell

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    I was wondering about the softcell.
    I am not sure if I really like what I have for my macbook pro right now.
    I want something that has enough padding to really protect it.

    I also like the idea that I don't have to pull it out to go through security.

    I am even thinking now of one of the laptop bags through tombihn instead of the mac case I have.

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    hi bluedenim,

    i'm not sure what you are presently using, but i can tell you about the soft cell and, as a contrast, the brain cell.

    the soft cell provides a nice level of protection. the foam padding is great and at the same time not very bulky.

    the soft cell doesn't provide the same level of protection as the brain cell, but you have to decide how much protection you want.

    the brain cell is bigger and provides more protection. the horizontal one isn't tsa compliant for sending through security checks with the laptop inside because it has snaps, but people have reported taking it through security without problems.

    the soft cell is smaller and tsa compliant and provides a lesser degree of protection than the brain cell.

    let us know if you have additional questions and what you decide to go with.

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