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Thread: Passport fit ?

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    Passport fit ?

    I was just wondering if a US passport would fit in the new clear organizer wallet.
    Thanks in advance.


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    It wouldn't, it is too small.

    This is the page for the Passport Pouch

    The Passport Pouch fit all passports.

    I have many of these pouches (I use them as portable oversize wallets).
    They have a very handy and sturdy lanyard that can fit around the neck or the waist.
    It enables the very lightweight and sturdy pouch can be securely hidden under one's shirt or pant.

    I have a leather pouch that I used for this purpose but now, it stays home, it was much too bulky to be hidden.
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    appreciate the info Backpack. I currently use a super thin pasport wallet from all-ett.It works great but it's not a Tom Bihn


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    while a u.s. passport will not fit into the clear organizer wallet, you can carry u.s. and other passports in a small clear organizer pouch. this gives you a similar solution to the clear organizer wallet that is slightly larger and without the dividers.


    will we see a larger clear organizer wallet - the size of a small organizer pouch?


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