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Thread: Founder's Briefcase Packing Wedge

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    Founder's Briefcase Packing Wedge

    I am tempted to buy a Founder's Briefcase Packing Wedge to use as an all fabric document organizer.

    I love the steel parapack look and I already have a Steel Guide's Pack Lead Pocket on my wish list for my next order to use as my über TB tech accessories organizer and my guess is that they will look great together.

    So I was wondering if anyone has some pictures of the wedge or some thoughts on this combo.

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    These are hastily taken, so pls excuse the horrible pics.

    Size comparison with a Horizontal Freudian Slip, an iPad Air and iPad Mini.
    Name:  IMG_0011.JPG
Views: 230
Size:  259.7 KB

    The base of the Wedge, the Annexe Clips are removable.
    Name:  IMG_0010.JPG
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Size:  256.9 KB

    The side of the Wedge, you can see it tapers slightly.
    Name:  IMG_0017.JPG
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Size:  257.3 KB

    The inside, I had to use flash, sorry about the glare.
    Name:  IMG_0015.JPG
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Size:  325.1 KB

    Thoughts? I actually ordered it later as an afterthought. More to trick out my Founder's Briefcase, I didn't really have plans for it.
    I'm very glad I did though.
    I use it more like how some of you guys use the Travel Tray on vacation, as a catch all.
    When I'm rushing off somewhere and don't have time to arrange my stuff neatly, it becomes my catch all.
    It's also great for storing a jacket.
    But I digress, you're planning to use it for a document organizer? It should do just great, but in my case, I've only used it a couple of times like that, I had to pack a stack of notes in, it was about a full ream of A4 paper, 500 sheets. It made my Founder's Briefcase bulge out in an unsightly way though -.-"
    I also used it like a giant pencil case before, packed some notes in, and a couple of pens/pencils and a ruler. That's before I got my Freudian Slip though.
    Hope that's useful to you, eWalker.

    ETA: One thing you might want to note, it's just Parapack, it doesn't have the structure that a Large Organizer Pouch can offer you, if you have just a few pieces of paper inside, it's not going to stop your papers from being folded or crumpled. That's not an issue if you use it in a briefcase, but might be if you want to stuff it in a backpack.
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    That was perfect @icebeng!

    I am planning to use it like a kind of fancy envelope!

    I don't have to carry lots of stuff, most of the time all I carry is three copies of 5 to 15 pages contracts.

    I could do it with a clear organizer but I think this will look more classy.

    Thanks a lot!

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