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    Question for Ristretto owners

    After loosening the warrior clip strap, how snugly would a 15 inch laptop without optical drive fit into a 13 Macbook pro Ristretto

    Thank you.

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    I do not have a 13" Ristretto but I did do some research to see what would fit (I concluded that my laptop would not fit ). Below is a thread that summarizes some of the discussion on what will fit wrt a laptop.

    Ristretto and Occasionally Carrying a 15" MBP

    If you have a 15" laptop that is about 13.5" by 10.5", you should be good using a thin sleeve and the compartment in front of the built in sleeve.

    Hope this Helps!


    P.S. TB Crew - can you make a 15" version of the Ristretto - pleeeaaassseee! Think of it as an alternative / upgrade to the Brain Cell - an even nicer way to carry your laptop in a backpack with the option of carrying it alone with minimal items (bag in a bag idea).
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