Hi all,

I currently own a steel dyneema/solar synapse 19 which I use as my EDC. I've started going to the gym on campus between or after classes, which means that I sometimes end up carrying my stuff for class as well as my gym clothes in a medium ebags packing cube (shorts, tank, a large but thin microfiber sports towel, change of undies). I usually carry my running shoes in a large stuff sack that I tie onto the synapse's grab handle. Most days this works fine, but on some days I need to carry some combination of my 13 inch macbook air, a couple of notebooks, a book, and my iPad, which is when things start to get really cramped, if not impossible. I could pack all my gym clothes in a size 3 stuff sack and also tie that to the grab handle, but with both that and my shoes it'll be a bit unwieldy.

So I've started looking at eagle creek's pack it specter compression cubes and was wondering if any of you have had any experience with them. How much do they compress? Will it really make a difference?

Eventually I'm going to splurge on a synapse 25 (here's to hoping they'll come out with a black/solar combo!) which should solve this dilemma, but they're currently all on backorder and I need a solution for the time being. Thoughts?