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    Guardian Light - battery question

    Regarding the replaceable battery in the Canadian-sourced Tom Bihn Guardian Light:

    Are there rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride or lithium-ion batteries available that can be used in this light? If so, where can they be found?

    If no such batteries work with this light, is there another kind of light, sourced elsewhere, that works with rechargeable batteries?
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    no idea but I've had my guardian light for years - since my very first TB order if I remember rightly - and it is still on the original battery.

    I have so few devices that use that type of battery that it would not be worth my effort in owning and tracking a device to recharge them....
    List under construction ....

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    I bought the Guardian Light with the original clip, when Tom first offered it, in 09, I think.

    It is still on its first set of batteries, I bought a new set, just in case, (small round electronics/watch) batteries type are long lasting, they do not have rechargeable counterparts, yet.

    I can't say anything but good things about that light, it is not big, so one can take it everywhere, but it is very powerful and mighty handy.

    I was very happy to have it during Snowmaggedon of 2010 in the East Coast, all kind of other bad weather and as a map reader helper, snack and stuff finder, on road trips.

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