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Thread: Brain Bag O-rings

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    Brain Bag O-rings

    I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a BB, but the detailed description does not mention O-rings in any of the pockets. Can anyone confirm the lack of O-rings or if it does have them, where?
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    Mine is an older one, bit it has 3 o-rings that I have found: one at the top of each main compartment, and one in the top zippered (horizontal) pocket. I *think* the new ones have an o-ring in each of the vertical side pockets as well.

    Maybe someone with the new models can confirm?
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    I have a new version......1 month old, only three O Rings, none in the vertical pockets....Unfortunately......

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    If you are a DIY type of person, you can sew some extra O-Rings into the pockets without compromising the waterproofing. Just ask the TB Crew for 2 extra O-Rings.
    The only other thing you will need aside from needle and thread is some 1/2" or smaller webbing. If you have an old compact camera bag with a unused shoulder strap, you can cut pieces from it to use as webbing.
    Remember to sear/melt the ends of the cut webbing with an iron or something that gets that hot to prevent the webbing from fraying.
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