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Thread: Imago Ultrasuede™ Pockets

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    Imago Ultrasuede™ Pockets


    Part of the allure of the Imago was those sweet Ultrasuede™ pockets. Unfortunately,I have yet to find much to store in them My phone/eyewear are all too big to fit. I do sometimes store some earbuds/an el cheapo MP3 player in them. What else? I wish the curved slip pocket was Ultrasuede™-lined as that's where my phone lives.

    What do ya'll pack in your side pockets?



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    Hi roarmouse,

    I have the same dilemmas with my Imago! Luckily my new HTC phone fits in one pocket. I've currently got three pens and a highlighter stored in the second pocket for quick access. I had hoped to store sun glasses in there but no luck.


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    I put my earbuds in one side pocket and my phone charger in the other. It was definitely difficult to find something to put there!
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    My iPod classic and earphones in a little hemp pouch go in one pocket and my fountain pens go in the other. I have a pair of bamboo sunglasses that fit in those pockets, but it's a pretty tight fit.

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