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    Colour options for the Citizen Canine?

    I spotted the blog post today mentioning that the Citizen Canine was in stock in all colours, which was posted a few days ago. But when I go to the CC page, only two colours are listed as options (black/iberian and kiwi/ultraviolet). Has the colour range for this little bag been drastically downsized, or have all the other colour combos sold out in just a few days and I've missed them? I suppose the third option might be that the CC page hasn't been updated yet... one can hope!
    A45 crm/stl TS nvy/sol A30 aub/was BB nvyP/stlP S19 nor/stl P nor/sol CP blk/stl; SE was CQPC ibrn, sol Ri aub/stl 3DCC crd TSS4 was K crd TT sol,nor,blk CC crd/stl PCBP sol PP nvy QK for,coy,aub + lotsa cubes!

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    Don't worry-- you didn't miss out on anything!

    For the time being, the Black/Iberian and Kiwi/Ultraviolet (the two most popular color combinations by far) will be the only two available colors of Citizen Canine. Other color combos might be made available at some point in the future though.

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