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    Picture of Plum or Indigo Brain Bag?

    Hi Everybody!
    I've been using my Synapse for EDC and I usually have enough room. However, there are times when it's just not big enough and I'm forced to carry a non-Tom BIhn backpack that I hate. So I'm considering giving the Brain Bag another shot. I'd go with a Smart Alec as I'm not really sure I need the space of the Brain Bag, but I'm a student and when I tried it out it just didn't seem ideal for carrying books (due to it's top loading design with fairly narrow opening). Now I need to decide which color to go with. Is there anyone who can post a picture of their new plum or indigo Brain Bag to help me get a sense of whether I'm better off sticking with something more neutral? Thanks in advance!

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    Here's a customer photo of the Brain Bag in Indigo.

    This photo of the Brain Bag in Plum shows a Brain Bag circa 2002/2003, but it should give you a good sense of the color.
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