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    This is kind of a random questions, and maybe I should just email Katy or Darcy direct, but I figured I'd post here. Is the cayenne interior the same color as the cayenne pouches and keystraps? I ask because my MCB is storm/steel the steel on the inside is much lighter than the steel on the outside of my steel/blue LCB and my steel OP. I have some OPs and a keystrap that are cayenne and I really like that color, but when I look at pictures of the navy/cayenne cafe bags, it seems like it is a lot more orange than the cayenne items I have. Thoughts?

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    Dye lots of fabric can vary slightly, so that's probably what you are noticing. I do think the most recent dye lot of Cayenne is more orange than the previous batch. We'd be glad to send you a swatch: email us
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