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Thread: Speak to me (the crazy lady) of the Cadet

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    Cool Speak to me (the crazy lady) of the Cadet

    I have been deliberating/anticipating/vacillating over my MCB or LCB choice for my macbook air11 for so long. A couple of hours ago I sat down and logged in with an actual decision to go with a plum/wasabi LCB and a hemp Little Swift.

    However, on my way here, I saw the TAUW review of the smaller version of the Cadet which had somehow slipped my attention. Now I am totally in love with it and have been pouring over cadet reviews.

    What if I went with the iPad/Air 11 Cadet for when I want to be smart and efficient and/or carry all the gizmos and the Little Swift for when I'm being casual (and probably just carrying iPad and knitting if that - although interested how a cached Air11 sits inside a LS??).

    In my future I see a matching aeronaut as we are destined for some travelling (I love the black/iberian especially if my dreamed of iPad3 has a red smart cover -really pushing the birthday envelope here). Obviously going through a red cardinal OTT?

    Am I totally crazy?? Given that I like small, will I find the Cadet too big? Too manly/laptop baggy and not hand baggy enough or is it the perfect counter point to a Little Swift?

    Something has obviously held me back from the LS and LCB/MCB combo and perhaps it is because the 2 are a bit too similar in functionality and casuality (is that even a word? I mean casual-ness) whilst the LS gives me something more akin to a traditional handbag and the Cadet something a bit smarter for when I am being a bit more professional? And I still have my trusty black/steel SCB in the mix too. My sapphire/plum Imago's days may be numbered though...

    So speak to me cadet owners (especially if you have an Air11) of why you love or don't love your Cadet?

    And then I PROMISE to make a decision and commit (because I am too scared to let AIR11 leave my house until it has a proper cache and bag and so cabin fever is setting in).

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    Thought I should update and mention that I just pulled the trigger and put through my order. It just feels right and somehow there wasn't any hesitation like there was earlier. Here's hoping I love my cadet (and please still speak to me of cadets).

    Its going to look cute next to hubby's empire builder I'm guessing :-)
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    Sounds like you need a Synapse to me?

    And yes clearly you are _____ not that there is anything wrong with that!

    Welcome to the PARTY!
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    I like the idea of a LS cadet combo. Both bags look sharp and their styles are very different from each other. I am looking forward to your review and pics when they come!
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