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    What is everyone using for their 15" MacBook Pro? Would like a Ristretto this size...

    Subject says it all. I'm using a Ristretto now with my iPad and love it. Will be getting a MBP in the coming months and would really like a bag in the same style/form factor. I saw on the blog that someone is using a Cafe Bag. Is anyone else doing this? If so, how is it working out? I know that bag is not really designed for carrying a laptop.

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    Tom probably won't design a 15" Ristretto because it'd be really tall -- so it might look strange on those of us under 6'2". A horizontal 15" Ristretto might happen someday. In the meantime, consider the Cadet -- it basically holds the same amount of stuff in addition to your 15" MBP that a Ristretto might.
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