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    Need a TSA Checkpoint friendly Netbook Sleeve.

    I just ordered a Netbook (Asus eee 1000HE). I'm looking for a protective sleeve/carrying case that would be TSA Checkpoint friendly.

    I'd love for it to have:
    *Handle to grab it in case I have to *GASP* Gate check.
    *Soft foam to protect it from bumps when I run into something with it in my bag.
    *TSA Checkpoint friendly. This is a must... so I guess no outside pockets.

    The Checkpoint flyer laptop holder piece looks perfect, except its way too big. Any other suggestions?

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    Tom is designing several new bags for netbooks. In addition, we've just purchased a way-cool new sewing machine that will allow us to make a more sophisticated version of our Soft Cell sleeve - which is checkpoint friendly. The new-and-improved Soft Cells should be available within a couple of months.
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