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Thread: Packing the A30 TLSS vs. the A45 TLSS

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    Packing the A30 TLSS vs. the A45 TLSS

    So I ordered the A45 TLSS to see how much it would hold versus the A30 (special thanks to Paul at TB for helping with shipping). I posted my pics and review of packing and using the A30 TLSS here - Packing the A30 Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, take 2 I found it great for a 2-3 day trip, especially since I carry a backpack for traveling.

    Both TLSS are steel (dark grey is my favorite color), so it might be a little hard to see the size difference in pic #2.

    Name:  IMG_0488.JPG
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    Side by side

    Name:  IMG_0490.JPG
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    A30 on top of A45 - the A45 is 2 inches longer and 1.2 inches wider and higher

    Name:  IMG_0493.JPG
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    What I originally packed in the A30 - 4 tshirts, running bra, running shorts, sleep shorts, pair of socks (and underwear). That pretty much filled the A30.

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    Name:  IMG_0494.JPG
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    That list packed in the A45. I could pretty much fit it all on one side and it filled about 75% of the A45. I tried packing the items both end on (shown) and length-wise (like a regular packing cube that I couldn't with the A30). Length-wise was a little better in taking up less space.

    The A30 is 5L and the A45 is 9L. I wanted to see what else it could hold - to justify using the A45 for longer trips and possibly replace one of my traditional packing cubes.

    I could get 4 more tshirts, (plus an additional bra and 4 pairs of underwear).
    Name:  IMG_0498.JPG
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    The A45 packed but not completely stuffed.
    Name:  IMG_0497.JPG
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    Bottomline - the A45 would be great as a packing cube for longer trips, especially when you travel with a backpack. Sadly both of my backpacks are non-TB items, however, the smaller of the 2 backpacks is very similar in overall shape to the Smart Alec (it's a little shorter and narrower) and the TLSS work great, particularly since a traditional rectangular packing cube can be awkward with the sloping front, and there is plenty of room left to fit other things around it.

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    Love it.

    By any chance do you happen to know a rather tubby male so you could do this with 3xl shirts?

    Because the only time I run is chasing a taco truck.

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    I just used the A45 TLSS for a brief weekend trip, carried inside a Smart Alec. I like it. I was traveling very light, so I did not fill it to capacity, but it fits very nicely into the Smart Alec. @Mr Doode, I think 3xl shirts should fit fine in the TLSS, depending on how many shirts you want to pack.

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