Hi llkyway,
My daughter wanted this for school. One of her older brothers has the Navy Brain Bag and loves it for school, but he is a bit bigger than she is. She loved the color and even though I thought she is still to small to use it, I think we can make it work. At least she has the color she wants and I should never have to buy another backpack.

For elementary school, she used LLBean backpacks.. which have held up well enough, but the larger of the two was getting small by her last year there. The Brain Bag is considerably larger, but I think we can keep the side straps cinched up and after a few weeks of "that is huge" comments, everyone will get used to seeing her in it and leave her alone. This one will handle the load with more comfort for her as the padding is noticeably more sturdy and although it is big, she seems to carry it well. We'll just have to see how well it works.