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Thread: recycled TB boxes

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    Registered User bunchgrass's Avatar
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    recycled TB boxes

    We saved the boxes our TB bags came in and recycled them as a layer in a lasagna garden bed.

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    I work at TOM BIHN Katy's Avatar
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    That's a lot of boxes ;).
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    That's such a great use for those shipping boxes! I am impressed.
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    And I thought I was ordering a lot! That's recycling at its best!
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    Registered User marbenais's Avatar
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    I use mine for sending packages -- usually presents. They reuse so well! I'm glad they work out in the garden.
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    I work at TOM BIHN
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    I usually just make forts out of my boxes, this seems much more useful!
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    You don't want to know what I use my boxes for. But it involves a pooper scooper....
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    I could never do this. I have enough trouble concealing my shopping habits from my husband as it is! :)
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    JLE, I am with you all the way! There's a reason I have my TB boxes shipped to my office...!!!!
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    OK, I just have to link back to maverick's earlier what-do-you-do-your-tom-bihn-boxes thread so you can see the great dinosaur cake he made and put into one of these boxes.

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    I'm with JLE & Lani!
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