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Thread: Another use for the Co-Pilot

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    Another use for the Co-Pilot

    Today I loaded up my Co-Pilot with all my knitting notions (separate from projects). I'll be able to take everything I need (which means I'll end up needing none of it) on our upcoming car trip. The yarn stash fits neatly in the water bottle slot!

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    Wow, gotta give you credit for amazing organizational skills!
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    wow! that's a nice spread. Definitely photo-worthy :-)
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    Love it! What a great use for the Co-Pilot, knitting kit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doornum3 View Post
    Today I loaded up my Co-Pilot with all my knitting notions (separate from projects). I'll be able to take everything I need (which means I'll end up needing none of it)....
    I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. That describes how I pack, too, I'm afraid.

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    The Co-Pilot is the cutest east/west bag, I ever held and played with .

    Of all the bags I have owned from the age of 4 till now, only 6 east west bags stand out as memorable.

    I tried a Co-Pilot in Cordura and another in Dyneema, the cute factor is instant, that little genius of design makes one feel Audrey Hepburn gorgeous.

    On my 5.7 frame, it is a perfect small purse despite being as long as the Large Cafe Bag, which means it can pack plenty but not enough to disturb my alignment which I why I don't have one of the ultra yummy, gorgeous Imagos.

    The Co-Pilot is a winner in a small package.

    Needless to say, it is on my Wish List. :)
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