I would like to share a DIY tweak that I had been thinking of doing but only able to do until very recently - when I received my Skookum Dog's Small Ballistic Organizer Pouch. Hopefully, this tweak could be meaningful or helpful for someone.
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I currently have 2 Small Organizer Pouch (SOP) in my EDC SA's Upper Modular Pocket (UMP) which is my man's purse.
There are only 2 o-rings inside the UMP - the right and left. I had to hook up my Pocket Pouch, 16" Key Strap and 2 SOPs. I wouldn't want my UMP to be too crowded with too many attachment points to the O-Rings as it could quite messy. Hence, one day at a Stationary section of a Department Store, I stumbled across this mini Paper Clip (Made in Japan) in photo #2 and #3. Then I thought to myself that I could use this Paper Clip to clip together 2 pouches and it should work perfectly in clean and minimalist way - front and back. One could use the in between of Pouches as an additional pocket. Though, only recommended for wider papers and additional clips have to be clipped at the bottom to prevent accidental sliding off.