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Thread: Packing the A30 Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, take 2

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    Packing the A30 Travel Laundry Stuff Sack, take 2

    I ordered the A30 TLSS a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with my first packing attempt - I'd hoped to use it in place of a packing cube in backpack, especially on shorter trips. After seeing Badger's post, I decided to try again since I have a 3 day, 2 night trip coming up. When I initially tried to pack the TLSS, I had the floating divider at one end and was simply going to stuff the other end with dirty clothes as I went along. This time I used the divider in the center for an extra degree of organization...

    Packing list:
    2 tshirts +underwear
    t-shirt and boxers for sleeping
    T-shirt, sports bra and shorts, plus a pair of socks

    First I had to tell the cat as cute as he was, he was not helping:
    Name:  IMG_1727.JPG
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Size:  113.4 KB

    What I'm taking:
    Name:  IMG_1728.JPG
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Size:  140.3 KB

    Sleep stuff and workout gear on one side:
    Name:  IMG_1730.JPG
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Size:  157.2 KB
    Name:  IMG_1731.JPG
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Size:  105.7 KB

    Tshirts and underwear on the other
    Name:  IMG_1729.JPG
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Size:  133.1 KB
    Name:  IMG_1732.JPG
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Size:  102.5 KB

    Final result:
    Name:  IMG_1733.JPG
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    I could probably fit one more shirt in the left side. I'm 5', so my shirts and such are pretty small, as far as fitting things in the A30.
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    And here I thought the cat was going to get into the bag, like Maru does in this video.

    I can (have?) watched that cat for hours...
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    @Vecturist: hooray; I'm glad you got the TLSS to work for you! Hopefully it will perform well in practice—do let us know when you return.

    Also, what is it with Japanese pets in random receptacles? Witness, if you will, this corgi in a box. It occurs to me that the box is sort of like a stuff sack or packing cube in that it defies the laws of physics by containing something that should exceed its parameters. In the words of one of the commenters on this video, "Holy f it fits."
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    I totally want that corgi in a box to bite the *&$#%$%* out of that guy teasing him. jerk.
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    Nuit, the cat pictured, is a little odd and has shown no inclination to play in either boxes or bags. However, he does love sitting on a pile of clean laundry and will unroll my shirts. Max, my previous cat, was the complete opposite and I used to have to check my backpacks and luggage before trips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvdabags View Post
    I totally want that corgi in a box to bite the *&$#%$%* out of that guy teasing him. jerk.
    Agreed, @kkintea's video link about cats and dogs in boxes is much nicer:
    Quote Originally Posted by kkintea View Post
    Have you seen "if it fits, I sits"? Everything made by Tom Bihn and the Crew is an opportunity for a cat to try to fit itself into. They also love the boxes that transport the goodies intended for humans, and the tags on the goodies intended for humans. I find that my cat is attracted to Dyneema in particular. Perhaps we should do a formal experiment?
    ETA that link no longer seems to work, try this one:
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    I will update and say the A30 TLSS was great on my trip. First, it fit nicely in the 21L backpack I used (sorry it wasn't a TB) and I could pack a few things around and on top of it. Second it did what it says on the tin (or tag) - I could easily keep my stuff separated as the trip went on and the floating divider easily handled a growing pile of dirty laundry.

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