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Thread: A Tale of Two Aeronauts (or my Video Review of the A30, compared to the A45)

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    Quote Originally Posted by weirdguy View Post
    Lol, I heard you and been in your position before.

    If you do not mind waiting for another week (actually, about 4days more), I should receive my Pilot and a new Brain Bag (my friend joined my order). I will be glad to post a few photo to help you out whether the Brain Bag could swallow a Pilot or not - both empty and loaded.
    I'd like to think I have that kind of control over my bag-addiction, but I'm not so sure! Still, always love to see more pics though!

    Quote Originally Posted by tpnl View Post

    Here is a link to @kkintea's fantastic pictures of the Pilot fitting horizontally in the BB (and a whole lot more!) See post #8:

    The Pilot also definitely fits in the A45. I have seem many other posts on this as well.

    Fantastic. Thanks for pointing me to that thread. Exactly what I want to do with the BB.

    Ok, I surrender. I'm giving in to the Pilot madness and going to pick one up. I'll stop derailing this thread discussing the Aeronaut and itsablur's great video!

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    Great video! I have a similarly sized tripod. Will it fit inside the Aeronaut 30's main compartment? Or will you have to unzip the inner divider to do so?

    Thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsablur View Post
    I made the blog! Life complete.

    A Tale of Two Aeronauts (itsablur's video review of the A30 vs. A45) - TOM BIHN Blog: We make travel bags in Seattle, Washington

    New dream: I hope to some day qualify for a fancy FoT special edition item...
    You totally deserve that, great videos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbonifacio View Post
    Great video! I have a similarly sized tripod. Will it fit inside the Aeronaut 30's main compartment? Or will you have to unzip the inner divider to do so?
    I think you will need to unzip one of the sides. The regular A45 large packing cubes had to be squished a little too get into the compartment as it was with both ends already packed, so I don't think it will fit in as easily as it does in the A45.

    Perhaps if you don't use a tripod bag... I'll give it a try later this weekend.

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    Great video itsablur! Good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLE View Post
    Hmm, the A30 replaced your WF... This is what I was afraid of! I love my WF but I do think a single larger compartment would provide better flexibility for some trips.

    Will NOT order an A30 unless and until it becomes available in navy! Must exert some self-discipline! :)
    Hmmm, Tom and the crew know just how to take care of us - we think we are enablers here on the forum but it's clear who are the Ultimate Enablers! A navy/wasabi A30 that I don't really need will be winging its way to Australia soon!

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