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Thread: So many packing cubes!

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    So many packing cubes!

    Just going through my organizers this morning, while I try to assimilate all the new packing cubes I bought... there are SO many. Particularly the 3D cubes. There are clear, mesh, and solid. I use some of them in my day-to-day travels (one of which is not even pictured because it's currently in my EDC). In the back you can see the beginning of my packing cube shoulder bags. I think I may have reached maximum capacity, and may give some of these to my nieces during our upcoming vacation to keep their stuff contained in our shared space.

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    Can you name the materials used for these? For instance, those look like Wasabi, Iberian, and Ultraviolet 3D Fabric Organizer Cubes (3DFOCs), with one in Steel Parapack(?) inserted among them, and a Black 3D clear Organizer Cube (3DCOC) that could either be Cordura or might also be Parapack, I think? Just saw 3DFOC used yesterday in some posts, so thought I would expand this acronym.


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    Bchaplin, how can you say you have reached maximum capacity? It is simply not possible to have too many of the 3D cube, which I think is far and away the most useful and adaptable cube in the entire TB OP/cube arsenal! :)

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    @moriond, the clear 3D organizing cube on the far right was the first I bought. I think it is made of black cordura around the edges. I liked it, but once they started making them in dyneema, I strongly preferred that, and so I am not using it very much now. That one might be given away.

    The 3D cube in the middle is steel parapack, which I use as a tiny purse sometimes.

    All the others are dyneema. One of the clear ones usually holds my electronic chargers, and sometimes the other one has toiletries. The mesh one is for medication and first aid stuff. The fabric ones hold random small stuff -- I use them a lot in my day-to-day carrying.
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