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Thread: It's official: I am in love with the Aeronaut 30

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    The Dyneema A30 is home now and my first impressions are favorable. This definitely shares design elements with the NFTD (or is it vice versa). A couple of questions - does it come with a strap (mine didn't, and description mentions add-on Absolute (interestingly priced at 30 rather than 20 as it usually is for an add-on)). Has anybody here returned the A30 in favor of an A45? I ask because the main compartment looks fairly small (though I know I can pack Dyneema very generously and this bag probably will hold a lot). I can see that if I unzip the side panels I will get a lot of space. Is zipper wear an issue, as in shoulder-carry position, the main zips could clank on the ground (or I could zip 'em to the side)?

    I initially thought I'd have to slide out the backpack webbing from the buckles each time I want to stash the straps, but the clip-in/clip-out buckles at the bottom are great and solve that problem easily! Looking forward to a cup of tea and poring over A30 reviews. Very glad I got this in Dyneema - looks sharp! But then they all do.

    Apologies if all this has been covered already in other A30 posts; I haven't been keeping up with A30 reviews as this was a late-breaking decision for a trip on which I want to be hands-free.

    P.S. Coyote keystrap *sigh*. Just missed it!

    P.P.S. ETA: @Ineffable your color-coded item signature is great!

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    The a30 does not come with a shoulder strap. I ordered an absolute strap for mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoStanford View Post
    In case @Marsha sees this (post above mine) - it would be great to hear how you use your duplicate bags based on the differences in material. This topic has popped up in a couple of other threads - the various uses of ballistic vs. Dyneema and how having duplicates can be helpful for business vs. personal travel, office gear vs. weekend gear, etc.
    So to answer your question....

    For me, it really all comes down to matching my "look." :o

    It's actually kind of embarrassing. I first bought the Co-Pilot and the Night Flight in Black to match my other TB Bags -- Western Flyer, Pilot and A30. Then I decided the Night Flight was just too cute in Black Dyneema, so I bought that. Well, once I did that I *had* to buy the Co-Pilot to match. Of course.

    It isn't even really an issue of business v. pleasure travel for me, as I wouldn't typically carry the NF on a business trip -- my usual set up is either the Western Flyer or A30 plus the Black Pilot (with a black SE tucked inside as a carry alone, cross body purse). But I decided to get the NF as my carry on item for a 2 week trip to Italy I have coming up in October. Now I'll probably let a family member carry the Black NF while I carry the Black Dyneema NF and matching Co-Pilot because, well.... they just look so darn cute in the Dyneema.

    Especially since I also bought the Black Dyneema SE to tuck inside.

    My Tom Bihn Obsession: Western Flyer (black/steel); Aeronaut 30 (black/steel); Co-Pilot #1 (black/steel); Co-Pilot #2 (black Dyneema/wasabi);Pilot (black/ultraviolet); Night Flight #1 (black/steel); Night Flight #2 (black Dyneema/wasabi); many packing cubes; Side Effect #1 (black); Side Effect #2 (black Dyneema); passport holder (steel); wallet (steel); travel tray (ultraviolet); various key straps; various fabric cubes; various pouches; Q kit #1 (black); Q kit #2 (steel).

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