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Thread: You can never have too much purple.

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    You can never have too much purple.

    I've been down with a stomach bug the last few days and I was asleep on the sofa this afternoon when the UPS man showed up with my Tom Bihn bounty.

    Despite still being on back order until July, look what showed up!

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    My aubergrine little Swift, two shop bags and two yarn stuff sacks. (And one large tomcat for scale. that's Milo)

    And I have to say: I wish I had bought more shop bags. Especially the large one. I've never had any before so I was a bit of a skeptic, but I got this order in before the price increase, and yeah I should have bought more shop bags. The big one is BIG

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    Yes that is a half-full pilot and the little swift inside the large shop bag. Homie can carry some stuff!

    At first I was a bit disappointed with the size of the little swift, it seemed really wee. Then I remembered how must the Swift can carry and how heavy it gets and that I why I bought a little swift-- I just wanted to be able to carry my SE and a knitting project on a daily basis, because with the Swift, I find it so big that I only use it for travel.

    Here's the little swift next to the swift that is half full with needlepoint projects
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    So as you see, it's really not that small.

    I didn't know that the yarn stuff sacks no longer had the stiff, clear bottoms. Oh well, I have a bunch of these and needed more for travel.

    I'll post reviews once I've used these items but I am so tickled that this came so early! I have a TriStar on back order too, in matching aubergrine :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by atarango1 View Post
    I didn't know that the yarn stuff sacks no longer had the stiff, clear bottoms. Oh well, I have a bunch of these and needed more for travel.
    The small YSS (e.g. that you get free with the Little Swift) only come in all-fabric - you can still get urethane-bottomed ones in the two larger sizes.

    Enjoy your purple goodies!
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