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Thread: Cute Nordic Synapse 19

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    Sep 2010

    Cute Nordic Synapse 19

    Thanks to another forum member and a trade, I now have an adorable Nordic/Steel Synapse 19. To keep my Steel/Wasabi Synapse company. Overkill? Maybe, but I re-homed another bag I wasn't using, and both of these backpacks are very useful. I can also see lending one of them out in certain travel situations while I use the other one, or picking one depending on the clothes I'm wearing.

    I think the Nordic is a really nice color; everywhere, but particularly on the smaller bags.

    Today's has my gym clothes (without shoes), Side Effect, first aid kit, iPhone in battery case, iPad, Jottbook journal, two sets of keys, flashlight, pens, train pass, and extra scarf.

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    Aww, Nordic is all grown up and off adventuring! Glad to see you're putting it to good use. Your Imago swooped in and trumped the Pilot for my daily work bag. I find I can access things on the move so much easier with it. And the cork is stunning. I didn't think I'd need the absolute strap but it really suits the bag well for my load-out.
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    @bchaplin Love the picture of the re-homed Nordic Synapse 19. With the older "PortableCulture" label, it really is well matched to your other Steel/Wasabi Dyneema Synapse 19. (Does this one have the o-ring in the front small pocket that you wanted?) I find the Synapse 19 to be a really comfortable fit for me (5'4"), and also a convenient size for airplane travel as a personal item, so I can totally see having more than one Synapse 19 on tap, if these are colors you love. However, I've succumbed to ordering one of the Nordic/Solar Synapse 25s , and I don't think I want to keep around two Synapse 25s, so I'll have to figure out what to do with my perfectly good Steel/Wasabi Dyneema Synapse 25 when it's Nordic counterpart arrives.

    @kkintea So glad you have an Imago in cork. It is a stunning material, and I wish it were still available to grace other Tom Bihn bags, too.

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    No o-ring. I was not expecting it, though. I believe the series with the Portable Culture patch predates the addition of the o-ring in that pocket.

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    bchaplin, I am trying SO hard to NOT order a Nordic/Solar S19 to join my ever growing Nordic/Solar TB family of bags...and you post this photo?!?! Gorgeous.
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