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Thread: Black Dyneema\Wasabi Synapse 19 New EDC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tizi View Post
    I love the black dyneema, that would be my choice. The 25 should pass, but I will let others comment on that one.
    Agree with Tizi on both points (Black Dyneema and that the Synapse 25 passes as a personal item.) Your choice may depend on which colors you want to coordinate with, since I think the Steel Dyneema goes better with colors with gray tones, like Aubergine and Steel.

    I really love the texture of the Black 400d Dyneema. I have this in two bags: the Side Effect in Black 400d Dyneema/Wasabi and the Little Swift in Black 400d Dyneema/Iberian. My Synapse 25 -- ordered well before the Black Dyneema was an Option, and when most interiors were Steel -- is Steel 400d Dyneema/Wasabi.

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    Here's a question that may seem awkward, but I can't help but to ask:

    The Synapse is obviously a "light" backpack, whether it is 19 or 25 liters. Neither version offers any cinch-straps. So how do you handle a backpack like this is it's not fully loaded? How do you balance it/keep it comfortable when it has an atypically light load?

    Loosely related questions: Have you ever used a Synapse as a shopping pack or some other kind of delivery-pack? If so, how do you handle it differently if it is empty or very light at some point? The reason I ask is that the Synapse looks like a great EDC I might get for my mother someday. She usually carries everything in her purse and only carries a pack if she's going to something special, but her loads may vary.
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    I just use the shoulder strap adjustments if the load is especially light. The Synapse has enough pockets that small loads can be moved around if necessary (to keep things from flopping around). In short, I just wear it. My loads vary a lot.

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