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    My first TB bag - Super Ego

    Well I was obsessed with a bag for six months sad to say it was not the one I currently use it was twice as expensive, twice as heavy, and half as functional and now resides next to a globe in my house(leather from ebay). Not that I don't like that bag but after I had it for two weeks I realized that leather though it looks nice that doesn't make up for it's weight or ease of use. So I bought the Super Ego I like the way it looks, it packs everything the other one did, and keeps everything in place. My brother said he wanted my old bag when I said had bought a new one I showed him my TB bag and he said well my birthday is coming up how about you just buy me one like yours so now I guess the Leather bag becomes very expensive decoration.

    So now I have one bag that looks great and works great, and I'm sure it will be the first of many I'll buy.

    Thanks for such a great product.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what the next designs are.

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    Welcome to the addiction. You'll soon be searching for new activities in your life that will justify a new TB bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jehingr View Post
    Welcome to the addiction. You'll soon be searching for new activities in your life that will justify a new TB bag.
    I am smiling because you say the truth! The addiction starts with the 1st bag! When you can't justify a new one for yourself, you find an excuse to buy one for someone else so you can talk about the EXCELLENT customer service, a fine, fine product and what fun the web site is!

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    Just got the Super Ego. Saw the review in Bicycle Times. I use for Coat and Tie meetings, as a bike messenger bag and to attend synagogue everyday because it carries my prayer shawl and etc. perfectly. So nice. All at the same time, I mean all in the same day.

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    I've gathered a bunch of bags (in the last year, esp!), and the Super Ego is the one I turn to most. It carries an amazing amount of stuff; if I get groceries while I'm carrying it (the usual case), the *heavy* stuff goes in the Super Ego, while the crushables go in bags I'll carry. That way the extra weight gets mitigated by the shoulder strap. It's funny to unpack many pounds of jars, cans, juice out of that bag, and only then realize quite how much I was carrying.


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