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    Talking Small Café bag (aka on customer service)

    Usually I wouldn't review a bag so quickly after getting it, but I thought I'd get this down before I forgot!

    I ordered the small café bag 10 days ago and chose ground shipping because if should have got to me well before the weekend when I wanted to take it away with me. Of course this seemed good in theory, what I didn't take into account was UPS trying to deliver it to the wrong address *twice* before returning it to sender.


    So I contact UPS and try and get it set back to me at the correct address. No can do apparently - once it's sent back there's "nothing they can do about it"...

    So I contact customer service and explain what's happened. I got a brilliant e-mail from Josh, explaining that UPS have accepted responsibility (how on earth do you guys do that???) and that they're overnight expressing me a new bag to arrive on the Friday before I have to leave. Perfect.

    I just want to make this perfectly clear. I have *never* seen a company that consistently treats its customers so well. Even if the bags weren't so great I'd be raving about this. The fact that products are brilliant as well is clearly a bonus. :)

    So in summary: UPS 0, Tom Bihn 10+.

    Oh - and the café bag? Initial impressions are v. good! Takes phone, ipaq, book, wallet and small camera easily. Would happily take some more but to be honest that's all I need for now... Plum/Wasabi is v. cool. :)
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    I'm glad we were able to get it resolved for you in time so you could enjoy your new bag before you left town!
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    the bihn people's customer service is one of the reasons I keep coming back...

    on my first bag, a crimson imago, they accidentally put one of the ego/id/superego adapters on my Q-AM strap, instead of he smaller imago one...

    I emailed them when it arrived, it was around lunch time on the west coast... within an hour Darcy had gotten back to me, within 2 hours, I had a phone call, because they'd noticed that the billing address and the shipping address were different, and I'd had it overnighted, because I was excited, but wanted to make sure where they were sending it(sorry I can't remember who called me, this was back in may, and I'm horrible with names when I don't have a face to put to them)
    within 2.5 hours, I had a ups shipping number, and 24 hours after I discovered the mistake, I had the proper adapter...

    24 hour turn around on a minor problem= the scholar being a customer for life:)

    hence the fact that I also own a super ego(my school load go larger) and just ordered an aeronaut... and have a couple of tom bihn ebay finds:)

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