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    An astonishing review of the Synapse 25 and 19

    From a completely unusual, yet entirely legitimate, perspective.

    Blue Parapack Brain Bag with Brain Cell

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    Great video for both people with physical challenges and for anyone interested in reviews of backpacks. The fogged-over lens in the first few minutes of footage was a little distracting, but once it cleared it was really nice clear video. I really like that someone finally showed a Bihn luggage piece being worn, and even gave a visual comparison to another sample as well. That's informative.

    I've seen people post videos shot from fixed cameras (nobody operating the camera), so it is nice to see one that's shot by another person. There are advantages and disadvantages either way. Most of the video of Bihn wares that I've seen was shot indoors, so it is nice to see someone try an outdoor shoot. I like that many of these videos are apparently shot without any scripting, but when there's a camera operator involved, the operator has to know where to shoot. (That can be very challenging; I've been there.)
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    This is a great review - perhaps email TB Customer service to add it to their external review thread:

    Links to external bag reviews

    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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    This video reminded me of @GEOcycle's Synapse continues to surprise thread, where he demonstrated accessing the contents of the front side zippered pocket of a Synapse (19) one-handed while carrying the bag on his shoulder. I think that maneuver would also be usable by the maker of the linked video. (And I still keep a Shop Bag stored in that side pocket of the Synapse so that I can get it out without taking the bag off.)


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    This is awesome-- it's great to be reminded that we all benefit from TB's efforts to make things that are easy to use. Mega-like.

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