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    Some Aeronaut 45 love

    The A30 has been getting a lot of forum love lately so I decided to pitch in about two recent trips with my new (old-style) A45. My first trip with the A45 was a holiday trip from my apartment in DC to my house in Texas. I didn't end up packing the bag very full because I knew I still had some clothes in Texas and my spouse was moving his belongings back to Texas after a semester in DC. The bag had some clothes and Xmas presents, and two pairs of shoes. There was a lot of space. I had to take my 13" Macbook Pro with me, so I put it and its cache in my Daylight Backpack and put the backpack in the top of the A45. I carried a Small Cafe Bag with me. I have TSA Pre-check, so I didn't even have to take the DLBP out of the A45 to go through security. When I was ready to board the plane, I took the DLBP out of the A45 and put my SCB in the DLBP. I also stowed the backpack straps of the A45. Voilą! With as little as I had to pack, you might ask why I didn't just take my Western Flyer. The answer is that my Western Flyer was back in Texas after a last minute decision to fly back to DC a day early on a previous trip meant that I left the bag at a friend's house. The trip back to DC was pretty similar, although my spouse carried the Western Flyer back with him.

    Things I really liked about the A45 from the first trip:
    • So easy to pack
    • Backpack straps easy to connect and to stow
    • Works well when underpacked
    • Enough room to store stuff that I want on the plane, but don't want to carry in a purse-like object
    • Comfortable to carry

    I need to go to work, so I'll post about my second trip with my A45 later.

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    I agree! My Aeronaut has been my under packed companion on a few trips now and I love it. A friend asked if I had a bag she could borrow for her honeymoon trip to three countries, with lots of travel, and she never stopped raving about it. We're both hobbit sized people, for the record.
    Aeronaut/Copilot is a great travel combo, as the Copilot can be swallowed by the Aeronaut if you need to stow it away. Then add a PCBP and all the bases are covered!

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