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    Quote Originally Posted by moriond View Post
    I agree with Just that hooking the snaphook to the pouches (and unhooking it again) is slightly awkward. You can do it two ways: by clipping the latch end of the pouch (or keystrap extender) onto to the hook (the same way you'd connect onto a closed D-ring), or by slipping the thinner flat end of the pouch or key strap extender under the small gap in the snaphook.
    I think I may have tried option #2 at first, then realized option #1 was a lot easier... now that I look at it again, though, I can't quite figure out how #2 worked at all! I guess I was wondering if there was a trick to the snaphook that I didn't catch on to... but you're probably right... the snaphooks seem designed to accommodate some thing other than our TB clips.

    Still no fuzzing here.

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    wow the pictures are great! I'll have to dig some up from my travels
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