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    Snake Charmer: the perfect bag for this nurse!

    I am an RN and I work full time at one hospital and pick up occasional shifts at a second hospital. I needed a bag that could be the home for my RN tools since I cannot leave them at one hospital or the other. The Snake Charmer is the perfect bag. I carry my stethoscope in one side and everything else in the other. I was struggling to find a bag that would fit my stethoscope without having to smash it into a too small space. My problem is solved with the right amount of room to spare. See my pictures. Thank you Tom Bihn. I am hooked!

    Snake Charmer: the perfect bag for this nurse!-snakecharmer-1-jpgSnake Charmer: the perfect bag for this nurse!-snakecharmer-2-jpgSnake Charmer: the perfect bag for this nurse!-snakecharmer-3-jpgSnake Charmer: the perfect bag for this nurse!-snakecharmer-4-jpg

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    hey thats a smart set up! Nice!

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    My sister is in nursing school right now. I'll have to keep this in mind as a gift idea for her. Thanks for sharing!

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    Outstanding. Great pics too!

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    Wasabi snake charmer - back in stock! I have one and am trying to figure out how best to use it. I just like looking at it! It's a nice dopp kit shape and with the mesh, anything damp would dry quickly.

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