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    Just got my Pilot!

    Okay, so I just my Nordic dyneema/Solar Pilot in the other day and was able to to a test pack with it. (As a side note, wow this color is awesome! So excited I was able to get one in before they stopped making the color combo) Wow, this thing fits a ton! I recently purchased a TS and have done two long weekend trips with it and love it. I figured I'd get the Pilot as as a buddy bag to keep my ipad, books, etc nearby. For fun I thought I'd try to see if I could pack a weekend of stuff in it. I'm an avid runner so I packed two pairs of running clothes along with shoes in addition to regular clothes. The bag gets a little plump, but fits nonetheless and I plan on trying it out in 2 weeks for a Memorial Day long weekend. While the gf will test out my TS. She doens't have any TB bags yet and is looking forward to the Aeronaut 30. The TS is 33 L so it'll be a good test for her.

    Anyways, photos!

    First the front and side view of the bag filled. You can see my iPad in a Pad & Quill case on the outside pocket.

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    Next you can see the contents of the bag sorted and packed. I already had a KIVA compression packing cube that fit the pilot perfectly so opted not to get another one. We'll see how long that lasts. The yellow bag has my running shoes (mens size 8) to keep the dirt from getting on the bag. Toiletries in a ziplock, usb charger/cable in another ziplock. All the clothes in the packing cube. The two black items are a large oakley sunglasses case and also a patagonia houdini jacket that folds into its own pocket.

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    Last you can see all the contents laid out. I packed bulkier running clothes/jeans than I normally would to pack extra in. Definitely feel like I would've had space for a polo or thin sweater if needed.

    4 pairs of socks
    2 boxers
    2 running shorts
    2 running shirts
    2 T-shrits
    Patagonia houdini jacket
    Running shoes
    Bluffworks pants

    USB plug/cable
    Sunglasses case

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    April '14- Tri-Star Steel Dyneema/Steel
    May '14- Pilot Nordic Dyneema/Solar

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    Wow that's a lot of clothes that fit in there! How do you like the kiva compression packing cube? Does the compression make a big difference?

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    The Kiva helps quite a bit to get the edges of the cube down so it's easier to put it in something and take it out. For certain things like jeans, t-shirts it doesn't do too much, but it does for sweaters and other bulky items. It's a good cube, but have only used it a handful of times, so I can't talk about it's durability, but I do like it.
    April '14- Tri-Star Steel Dyneema/Steel
    May '14- Pilot Nordic Dyneema/Solar

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    I just got my Nordic/Solar Pilot recently as well, but haven't tested it as thoroughly as you have, @philly. You have inspired me to do some test packing, though I doubt I'll be able to squeeze in as much as you have. You're a wonder!


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    Nancy- It's fun to test pack. Also, I find it takes a few tries to pack correctly in a new bag so it's def worth it to do so before any traveling. My first go-around w/ the TS went well, but the 2nd was much better.
    April '14- Tri-Star Steel Dyneema/Steel
    May '14- Pilot Nordic Dyneema/Solar

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