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    Continuing to derail...I am a new owner (last few months) of 3 large Shop Bags (2 400d steel dyneema, 1 ultraviolet) and 1 small Shop Bag (Wasabi) and already I've used them for multiple things. They are currently packed for a vacation trip to the beach, where I will test their sand-penetration (or lack there of) capacities. These are deceptively big bags, as they just swallow more and more and more! Well worth the price as these are lifetime bags (and good looking' ones at that!). Viva la Shop Bag!!

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    Thanks Holly, for sharing those amazing experience.

    Do you find any pro and cons of 400d Dyneema and your 200d Dyneema?
    Also, which you prefer carrying? Small Shop Bag or Large?
    Does carrying Large Shop Bag with half empty load felt awkward or not comfortable?

    Hahaha. I hope the moderator would not be frustrated with my continuous derail question.

    Update: Just manage to find the Topic in the search list, concering my Shop Bag's question - 400d vs 200d.Thanks.
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