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    Photo Request: Steel Parapack/Solar

    Hello everyone:

    First post here. I've been trying to find a photo of what the Steel Parapack/Solar combo looks like, as I'm interested in picking up a synapse 19, and they seem to be in stock. If anyone has a photo handy of what those color combinations look like (or can school me in using the search function, and post a link) it would be greatly appreciated!


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    Here is a picture of a steel parapack double zip pouch and a solar travel tray. Hope that helps! Steel parapack changes from dark gray to shimmery lighter gray depending on the light. Solar is bright but not blinding. To my eye the photo is a good representation of both colors.
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    I don't have a proper camera, this is taken with an iPhone.
    The pouches are Ballistic Nylon. Also I tried to crumple up the Parapack so you can see the different shades it shimmers, but wrinkle-free seems to be one of its properties, so kinda failed there.
    Hope it's useful.
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    Icebeng and Rocks:
    Thank you both very much for posting these pictures! They are both quite helpful.

    I'm not in _love_ with the Solar, so I'll need to keep thinking about it. Or jump to Cordura.

    Thanks again!


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