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    G1 Synapse 19 in Maligne Canyon, Jasper, Alberta

    We recently took the family on a bit of a post-Christmas mini-break to Jasper. Along with the usual luggage, I took my G1 Synapse 19 along as a combo EDC/kid gear hauler/day hike pack. (Worked great, by the way - held variations of my usual EDC stuff/drawing supplies/iPad(s)/charging supplies/phones/oldest's new Kobo/snacks.)

    Anyway, here's a shot of us going on a bit of a 4K hike in Maligne Canyon. It's a great hike in summer (there are some shots here: Maligne Canyon Hike), but maybe even better in winter. When the river freezes over, intrepid climbers roll back parts of the fence, clamber down to the bed of the river, and ice climb on the frozen falls. Non-intrepid climbers can easily wander up and down the canyon floor - it's amazing.

    G1 Synapse 19 in Maligne Canyon, Jasper, Alberta-imgp1756-version-2-jpg

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    Brrrrr! Nice view of a Tom Bihn backpack being worn. Nice winter outfits on everyone, too!

    This web-site needs more photos of people actually wearing Tom Bihn wares in the wild. It's informative.
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    I have a conifer Synapse too! Looks great in the snow.

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    I love Maligne canyon, it has been a while since I have been there but your photo is making me want to sharpen up my ice tools and go back this winter! Although the last time I was there involved me yelling at foreign tourists intent on taking pictures directly below the very inexperienced climber I was belaying.

    I was nervous underneath him and I was wearing a helmet! One of the fairly recent developments/trends in the ice climbing community is "leash-less" climbing which is ascending without your razor sharp ice axes affixed to your wrists via straps which in addition to the copious amounts of ice shards he was knocking down pretty much assured that at some point during the day he would lose grip and send something that wouldn't look out of place on a medieval battlefield hurtling towards my head at terminal velocity!

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