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    Box art, Co-Pilot... I am ready to go!

    Today I received some beautiful box art, "Middle East"-themed. LOVE it. Despite UPS's best effort to mangle it (I can only assume the entire shift of workers that day stomped up and down on the box), the art-side survived unscathed, with the exception of a sticker planted in the middle of it.

    I am guessing this is the Hamra Tower in Kuwait? Sorry for my total ignorance-- I haven't been yet, except for a short trip many decades ago when I was a kid.

    Inside the box was a new ballistic black/wasabi Co-Pilot. I love the dyneema one I have so much that I carry it almost every day now. I bought the ballistic version because I think it will better protect my belongings for travel, and I intend to use it as a day bag once there. I also bought a dyneema Side Effect for days when I want a 'squishable', lighter SE to carry in a larger bag. The wrapped bottle on the left of the box is Nikwax for waterproofing. When I visit Jordan and Israel in November it is supposed to be rainy season.

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    Burj Al Arab in Dubai,UAE :)

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    Wow, I looked it up. Nice! I think it wouldn't be worth staying there if I didn't arrive by helicopter.

    (In reality, it's a wee bit above my budget... I'm too old for hostels, but I'll probably be air-bnb-ing my trip as much as possible to save on accommodations.)
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