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    Smile "Say hello to my little friend!"

    I am actually a fan of Al Pacino movies but not this particular one. I just really like the look of my new Cadet.

    Packing List:

    Main Compartment
    - Lenovo X220
    - 1 Spiral notebook
    - 1 Folder
    - Agenda
    - Charger and mouse in Mini dyneema pouch

    Front Compartment
    - 2 Pens, 1 Pencil
    - Hard glasses case
    - Notebook
    - Keys on 8" Key Strap
    - Mini dyneema pouch on 8" key strap with batteries for CI and Hearing Aid
    - Small dyneema pouch on 8" key strap with eraser, ruler, jump drives, mini post-it pad, mini binder and paper clips
    - Altoids or gum

    Front Pocket
    - Samsng Galaxy S2

    Hopefully we will be having adventures soon and I'll have better photos.

    "Say hello to my little friend!"-cadet-jpg

    Also, I think my trusty olive Synapse might now be green with envy (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist the lame joke).
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    That's a great photo of the Cadet! Hope to see more.
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    That bag looks sweet. I like that it doubles as a small suitcase and messenger bag. Although I think I need to stay away from looking at any other bags on this site after my Synapse 25 order and a host of other small things I got along with it..I need to exercise great self-control now!

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