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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    The reason: we could always make any bag "just a little" bigger to accommodate the next biggest thing, whether that's a laptop (13", or 15" or even 17") or papers or file folders. But then those of us who don't need a bag sized to fit those things would be left with a bag bigger than we really need. The plan has long been to introduce a Pilot, which will fit U.S./A4 papers and 13" laptops. Stay tuned!
    Yep. Let me be one to say, I love the size of the Co-Pilot, just as it is! With the wet spring we are having, I find I'm rotating between it and my Synapse as my EDC. Love it! It's perfectly sized for diapers and wipes and calendars and "pursey" type contents and my camera and mp3 player and my little first aid pouch.

    That being said, when the Pilot debuts....particularly if it's offered in Navy/iberian, Ill probably get- and love!- it too!!

    (yes, it's probably a sickness)

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    The Co-Pilot is the cutest thing ever, I even considered it as a replacement to my LCB as an under the seat bag when it was made in Dyneema.

    However, I was so pleased with my Synapse 19/SCB EDC that I duplicated it in Travel Dyneema.

    I would consider it as a minimalist photographer bag, an extended "purse/bag with a purpose" to carry the FJN, a full set of crayons, pencils or markers, a set of mini field guides, mini binoculars and a water bottle for the budding naturalist.
    I think there also could be room for a sandwich or two.

    The Ballistic version is though, perfect for the rugged terrain naturalist and the Dyneema is easy to clean and lightweight in case the naturalist goes from parks to streams on his or her bike.

    The 3D Packing Cube made for the side pocket of the Co-Pilot are great to corral and separate all the exploring instruments and the sustenance for the explorer. :)

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    My co-pilot didn't exactly work out like I was hoping. I got it for a mobile office/mini brief. I can fit my iPad (first gen with apple case) as other's have stated, and I can fit papers, though I don't like to. I do like putting my FJN inside though, it allows me to carry the notebook and some other things. And I really do love the design and organization. It's like a baby Synapse.

    But now that I have an Imago, I use my Imago as I intended my co-pilot as my business bag. And it has the dimensions to allow for carrying real text books (homeschooling mom) so it works infinitely better as my mobile office.

    I think it's time my co-pilot becomes my camera bag. I've been back reading the forum threads for ideas. My camera needs are simple right now. I don't have a big or extensive set-up. I'm so glad Nancy (ncb4) mentioned using the co-pilot for her micro 4/3 system and posted photos. I just need to figure out padding. The flat OP's aren't the shape that I need.

    I wish there was a hybrid Travel Tray padded on the lower half, Dyneema and draw string closure thingie on the upper half. It would be just what I needed to fit my camera inside and keep it dust and damage free inside the co-pilot. Darcy, any chance Tom would consider something like this in the future?
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    .... The plan has long been to introduce a Pilot, which will fit U.S./A4 papers and 13" laptops. Stay tuned!
    Adding my voice to the chorus for a Pilot... :) It would be the perfect brief case for my work.

    Darcy, any idea when the ETA would be? :)

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    I hope the "Pilot" will not be too large. After seeing the difference between the Synapse 25 and 19, I'm wondering if this will be the case. I'd like a version of the Co-Pilot just big enough to fit my 13 inch MacBook Air.

    I use the Co-Pilot only when traveling, usually when flying. It needs to be small enough to count as my personal item, and also comfortable to carry on a day-to-day basis during the trip.
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    I'm torn!

    I have a Co-Pilot (actually, two) and a Zephyr... I imagine the Pilot will fall between the two, in size. So, will I really need the Pilot? That's the question.

    After a moment of consideration, the answer is: probably!

    Seriously, though... my EDC Co-Pilot (Black/Steel) has been a faithful murse. As I use a laptop on-the-go less and less, and my iPad more and more, the Co-Pilot becomes even more useful.

    My Co-Pilot (Iberian/Steel) is used strictly in support of my Apple consulting business as a cable, tool and gadget bag -- and is awesome for this! As an added bonus, it makes me smile ;) each time I look at it sitting in the back of my SUV.

    Oh... and as for papers, I am operating paperless now. But, if I do have papers, I just fold them in half.

    Someone please help me!
    I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WenV View Post
    Darcy, any idea when the ETA would be? :)
    No ETA. Probably a ways off still....
    Current Carry: Skookum Dog Citizen Canine prototype, Founder's Briefcase (every day carry), Small Cafe Bag (every day carry), Shop Bags (groceries, extra random stuff), Aeronaut 45 (travel), Synapse 19 (day hikes), Smart Alec (longer day hikes), Skookum Dog Road Duffel (Medium) (travel), Clear Organizer Wallet, Travel Stuff Sacks, Organizer Cubes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    No ETA. Probably a ways off still....
    Ouch! I have been saving for the Pilot, but if it is ways off, I may buy a Co-Pilot. Can someone please tell me why a normally judicious person need another Co-Pilot? Ay, TBAS.

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