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    Every shoe is different of course, but my mens size 12 Asics Gel-Kayano running shoes fit just fine in either of the frontmost divided sections of the WF. And they fit into the small WF packing cube as well. It's a snug but comfortable fit (doesn't stress the bag, or cube) and I usually pack them in first, especially if I'm going to load the bag.

    I really, really love the WF. I've got the older version 1.1 which replaced the original sling with backpack straps and it has become my bag of choice for trips of any duration. I never have to worry about overhead bin space when traveling by air, and can leisurely board knowing the WF will slip under the seat.

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    I've done it with size 11.5 (US) running shoes as well as soft loafers and size 12 Reef flip flops. I tend to wear running shows when I travel because they are less flexible and more bulky. If I can fit the shoes into a full dyneema packing cube that is usually what I try to do so it slides in and out. Usually fill the cube with shoes, socks, underwear. Sometimes I will pack them first and other times I will wait and see where they can slide in. There are always nooks and crannies in these bags...
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    Looks like this has already been satisfactorily answered, but just to confirm: I received my Western Flyer today, and size 11 mens' shoes do fit fine in either of the compartments on the side with the zipped divider. I tried running shoes and casual shoes and both fit no problem.

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    Thanks everyone for your help. I can't believe how much this bag can fit. That's really impressive.

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