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Thread: Small Cafe Bag

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    Small Cafe Bag

    I just got a Small Cafe Bag to add to my collection.

    I have a Medium Bag which I love, but thought a Small would be nice as well, which it is. Here is what I keep in the small bag:

    small pouches because I don't like to have loose items in the bag, levenger notebook, glasses, phone, lotion, headset, pens, my car key is there somewhere (it's not really a key, it's a "fob" since I drive a Prius and I don't actually put the key into the ignition I can just keep it in the bag at all times)

    Here is what I keep in my pouches:

    personal stuff like mints, floss, etc

    wallet, business cards, frequent buyer cards


    Glasses, lotion, pens go into the little pockets in the bag. Phone and headset go in the back open pocket, I love having easy access to the phone. Little levenger circa notebook goes in the front zipper pocket.

    It's perfect!

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    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Bags: Crimson/Black Checkpoint Flyer, Indigo Brain Bag, Indigo Synapse, Punch/Wasabi Medium Cafe Bag and Plum Side Effect- along with various organizer pouches.

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