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    I knew all along the Freudian Slip was an ingenious device... but I had no idea it was such a complex device.

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    Do any of you use more than one of these Slips in a bag/briefcase to keep multiple files organized?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMan View Post
    Do any of you use more than one of these Slips in a bag/briefcase to keep multiple files organized?
    I only have one vertical Freudian Slip but I know that the Brain Bag can hold two of them, one in each compartment.
    It might be possible to fit two Freudian Slips in each compartment of the Brain Bag provided there is no Brain Cell or Cache to take up the space.

    I don't know of any forum member who owns multiple Freudian Slips of the same orientation (portrait or landscape), so I hope Darcy could shed some light on the
    Tom Bihn bags capacity for holding multiple Freudian Slips.

    I love mine and I love the name so I would be happy to get more Brain Bags sized ones.
    It would also bet great to get one or several sized to the Synapse. :)

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    I love the Freudian slip and use it daily in my Brain Bag. You could fit 4 vertical slips in the BB -- two in each compartment -- if you really wanted to, though it seems like it would be a waste of space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maverick View Post
    hi peregrina,

    congratulations on your order - you're going to love it!
    Thanks Maverick. I'll take some pictures once I get the new bag...
    In our household: Black/Steel Aeronaut (with 2 large packing cubes and Absolute shoulder strap), Forest/Steel Aeronaut (1 large and 2 small packing cubes), Olive/Wasabi medium Cafe Bag, Linen/Olive Medium Cafe Bag, Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi Imago, Cardinal/Hemp/Steel Imago, Hemp Little Swift, Solar Shop Bag, Plum/Wasabi Side Effect, Black/Steel/Solar Smart Alec, Horizontal and Vertical Freudian Slips, TB Wallet, Hemp Little Swift, FOT pouch, Black/Olive ID

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